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Gondal Group of Companies is a parent company of Tamshoon Gold, Aeuyun Studien Limited(Fastest online education system) , Ingot Traders, Daily Samroze, Kababesh Hut Limited, Agronomy Traders, Pakistan Tours Club, Green Soul Trading, World Property Care, Pakistan’s Development and Investment Consultants.

Mr.Muhammad Siddique Gondal,The founder of Gondal Group of Companies and its relevant companies has experience of 45+ years and is unique to provide innovative business ideas to all industry demands like Food,Sports Goods,Leather assecories, Innovative technologies like Cold Atmosphere solution,Fruit sorting and Grading Equipments ,Solar power solutions,Material and surgical instruments for hospitals, Online Education, Gold Jewellery and Gem stones,Hoteling,Tourism,Property,Oil,Shipping,Metal Scrap and Canvas Fabric etc.,

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