Gondal Group Of Companies

Technical Fabric

Gondal Group of companies deals in technical fabric. Built over the foundation of Quality and Customer Satisfaction. We innovate our products to meet any standard and specification to facilitate the varying needs of our valuable customers. Our customers represent various industries from commercial, NGO, public to governmental sectors. Quality is our priority which we ensure through stage-wise checks at various processes of our manufacturing such as weaving, dyeing, stitching, printing, wet processing, finishing, warehousing. Our combination of high skilled craftsmanship and superior raw materials makes Gondal groups a unique choice among the Canvas and Tents manufacturers of the world.
We have all complete in-house facilities for the manufacturing of every type of canvas and canvas made-up item.


Tarpaulins and Covers Waterproof
Canvas Aprons
FBD Candle Filters Anti-static
Antistatic Uniforms
Filter Cloth
Cooling Conveyor Webb Cotton for Biscuit.



“All type and all weights of canvas”

We deal in all types and weights of canvas made in any desired specification in loom state or in dyed/colored. Our canvas also available categories of waterproof, water repellent, rot-proof, fire retardant (200 to 1000 grams per square meter ranges)
We supply canvas in 90cm, 100cm, 150cm and 180cm widths. A canvas of customized widths are also manufactured to meet customer requirements
The usual canvas material is 100% cotton, 100% Polyester, and a 50:50 ratio of Poly/Cotton blend.


"We manufacture various types of Tarpaulins or Covers waterproof"

Tarpaulins | covers waterproof.
Waterproofed tarpaulins or covers are normally manufactured from canvas dyed waterproof made from any type of canvas as required by the buyers. Tarpaulins can be supplied in any size and designs fitted with Eyelids (Rings) of Brass, Steel, or Aluminum. Tarpaulins are also available with ropes of Cotton or Polyester or of 50:50 Polyester/Cotton blend/Tarpaulins are good for covering Grains, all types of stores as well as for shelters from rain or sun and cold as well as hot climatic conditions.

Covers - Vehicle, Tank, Aircraft

We manufacture all types of covers for vehicles, Trucks, Lorries, Jeeps, Tanks, Aircraft, Heavy Machineries, Ammunition, Cannons, etc. Our covers are made according to the dimensions/drawings provided by the user. Made of heavy-duty canvas waterproof qualities of 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, and 50:50 Polyester/Cotton blend. Covers are completed and fitted with all-metal fittings, ropes and webbing, doors, windows, and curtains.


Gondal groups also deal in a Filter cloth. Filter cloth is used for filtration purposes in various industries such as

Sugar Industries
Cooking oil Industries
Soap industries
Chemical Industries
Lubricant/Grease Industries
Cement Industries
Food & Beverages industries
Glass Industries
Steel Industries
Paint Industries
Filter cloth is normally manufactured in 100% cotton also in 100% Polyester as well as a 50:50 Polyester/Cotton mixed blend. Normally it is supplied in 66, 72, 88, and 92 cms width. Can also be manufactured in any other widths up to 180 cms.

Filter cloth is manufactured in 100% pure cotton, 100% pure polyester, mixed blend supreme quality & economy cotton. We are also in a position to manufacture any other type of filter cloth made in any specification/weight required and desired by the buyer.


Specially used in biscuit industries

Cooling conveyor’s web cotton specially used in cooling conveyor of biscuit dough from oven. It is made from 100% virgin cotton, so it can be used as a food conveyor belt we provide a premium quality range of Endless Conveyor Webb to our esteemed clients.


Web equipment US Pattern

Pack Small
Pouches Ammunition
Belt Water
Pack Medium

Web equipment British Pattern 1958

Carrier Cape
Pouches – Ammunition
Pouches Rear
Cup Bottle
Belt Waist
Carrier Bottle Yoke

Webbing and Webb Equipment’s


Belt Waist

"Normally used by all the defense and security forces"

Normally used by all the defense and security forces, made in different styles and patterns as provided by the buyer, exactly to their specification

Commando Belt
Strap Shoulder & Frog Bayonet.
Web Equipment – Pattern 1958.
Rifle Sling & Waist Belt.
Pouches – Basic.
Cover Water Bottle & Pouches Ammunition.

Gondal groups of companies keep themselves abreast of the latest trends and market needs. From thread to finished fabric it engages in Research and Development (R&D) by conducting innovative activities to introduce new products and services or to improve its existing line. Our in-house R&D facility has developed certain remarkable products of high quality satisfying our valuable customers. Some of our R&D activities enabled us to develop the following capabilities:
Composition: 100% Cotton | 100% Polyester | Polyester/Cotton Blend

Weave: Any Pattern | Any Style

Width: 90 cms to 240 cms | 36 inches to 94 inches

Weight: 250 GMS 2000 GMS per square meter | 8.50 ozs to 70 ozs per square meter

Nature of Dyes: VAT / Sulphur for 100% Cotton Disperse for 100% Polyester

Special Finishes

Water Repellent & Water Proofing By Wax Emulsion – Acrylic coating-PU Coated Root Proof & Flame Retardant


We also deal in Anti-Static Uniforms

Antistatic Uniforms protect sensitive electronics, assemblies, and equipment. Used in various professions, from a technician to a lab worker. We made innovative and quality Uniforms according to the industry standards

"Normally used by all the defense and security forces"

A fluid Bed Dryer (FBD) is used under the system of Heat transfer by forced convection, it is applicable when your input is in granular or in crystal form, and your end product is in powder form Our FBD Filter give you excellent output from your FBD machine.

The filters are available in both conductive & Anti-Static forms, which are as under:

FBD / Candle Filters available from 50 KG to 500 KG
Glatt Round (150 KGs)
Xialoun / FBD Filter “D” type (450 KGs)
Automatic Filters (200 KGs)
Vacuum Filters
Height 5 to 20 Inches
Dia 4 to 6 Inches

Dust Collectors (Non-Conductive / Washable) (5 to 20 Pockets)


We prepare canvas aprons for every size & shape! From little kid to jumbo adult! All the aprons are made from 8 oz 100% natural colored cotton duck canvas


“All types of bags used by various industries”
All types of bags used by the various industries such as kit bags, duffle bags, gear bags, paratrooper bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, tool bags, toilet bags, roll bags
Brief Bags
Roll Bags
Carry Bags
Mechanic’s Bags
Tools Bags
Laundry Bags
Hand Bag
Tote Bag
Kit Bag
Kit Bag
Duffle Bags
Tote Bag
Duffle Bags
Kit Bags
Duffle Bags


centrifuges in the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as for applications in chemical and environmental. We made innovative products to meet the specific needs of these filtration applications.